A Cut Above the Average Adult Onesie.      Slightly Ridiculous, Extremely Comfortable.

USA vs. Global

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Slightly Ridiculous, Extremely Comfortable

option for YOU

CoZone USA

When you buy a CoZone USA adult onesie, you're supporting
Americans. CoZone USA onesies are 100% Made in the USA,
from the cotton seed to the final stitch. There are many
American workers who make this possible, but here are a few
links in the chain.

  • 1. Cotton Farm
  • 2. Yarn Mill
  • 3. Fabric Mill
  • 4. Dye House
  • 5. Cut and Sew
  • 6. Elastic plant
  • 7. Zipper factory
  • 8. Embroiderer
  • 9. Truck Drivers (between all of the above)
  • 10. Retailers

All that for 1 CoZone, and they're all in different locations!

With the CoZone USA you get 100% American Made Quality
and piece of mind knowing you've purchased something that is
100% Made in the USA.

Shop CoZone USA

CoZone Global

The CoZone Global adult onesie offers most of the same great
features of the CoZone USA. You still get a very comfortable,
soft, and functional garment you can spend all day in if you like.
The only feature missing from the CoZone Global is the ankle
zippers. It still includes the great side zipper pockets, hand
warmer pockets, hood, and the butt flap!

You still "Buy American," because Comfort Zone Apparel an
American business, but the CoZone Global is not 100% Made
in the USA.

Since the CoZone Global is lighter on your wallet, many
Americans still benefit, because truck drivers will drive
more loads, retailers will sell more product, and you
still get a very comfortable onesie with a little money left
for something nice.

Comfort Zone Apparel is a commited member of the Fair Labor
Association (FLA), so you can rest assured that the working
conditions under which the CoZone Global is made are in line
with those recommended by the FLA. The choice is yours, and
we think you'll be happy with the product you get either way.

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